Lynn Furge began her career telling stories. A double major in photojournalism and studio art photography, her eye was trained to capture life as it happened, but creating her own reality became more of an inspiration. Furge wanted people to be able to walk into her images and live the photo.

Bringing a sense of style, a sense of humor and a sense of self to every project, she decided to make life happen and then capture it; instead of the opposite.

Specializing in taking new emerging brands and giving them Global Recognition, Furge works hand and hand with each client to create an entire concept and not just one photo. She has since contributed for Stuff Magazine, German Marie Claire, 944 Magazine, Marshall Field’s and Company, Harry Winston, Hummel Sportswear, and countless independent boutiques, designers and musicians all over the world.

She holds a position as Senior Fashion Editor of "The Dirty Durty Diary" Magazine and works on several freelance creative projects in web, television and print.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Furge is adding "author" to her repertoire as she prepares her first work of fiction about a fashion photographer’s hijinks all while climbing the creative ladder.

Additional Projects: